Thursday, November 29, 2007

Honda C70 - Another Style

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Hi There!

Honda C70. I found another Honda C70 in my shop a few days ago. I talked to the owner for minutes and he wanted to fix some electrical problems for his Honda C-70 motorcycle. Well, I said to him it’s going to take time while he came to my shop in the late afternoon. It won’t finish in that day.

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Anyway, look at this Honda C-70! I think this Honda C70 still in good shape. Some changing has been made but it’s tolerable. He replaced regular velg with racing velg. It looks nicer.

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

I looked inside behind leg shield to see the carburetor and it seems he replaced it with Honda Grand carburetor. Well it’s normal here; in Indonesia people have problem to find original spare parts for Honda C70 Motorcycle.

Honda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Hmm, I knew for sure this rear absorber is also not the original one. But it’s okay as long as it works for this Honda C-70.

Okay guys, I promise I’ll come back with another new article about Honda C70 motorycle.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Old Model - DKW

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Hi all!
I see you again in this new article. I’m sorry I have to admit it that this topic will be a lot of difference with my blog title. But I can’t let it go if I see a beautiful old model of bike such as this one. This old bike was manufactured in Germany. It’s called DKW and was built on 1950’s (I guess…). This bike belong to one of my father’s friend and he so proud of it because you can see in these pictures that this thing still in good shape. My rough guess, this old bike is the only one in my city of Purwokerto or it might be in my country which is Indonesia. Does anyone interested to buy this old DKW?

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

I took this picture around a year ago. Why is it so long? Because I was so busy at that time and as the time flew I just remember it today and I decided to upload this thing to my blog. I hope visitors who see my blog will satisfy with it.

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

You can see the owner of this old bike. He holds his bike. He told me he has more than one old model of bike at his house. I will try to photograph his other old model of bikes when he stops by at my shop.

Okay, this going to be a long-short story. You can watch these pictures till you satisfy.

I'll see you again in my next story. Ciao...

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Honda C70

Honda C70

Honda C70. As usual I’m still hunting for old honda model and today I’m lucky. It was noon. I’m standing in front of my shop and suddenly an old model of Honda C70 stop by to change rear break shoes.

Honda C70

I don’t wait any minutes and I’m starting to ask this guy about his old honda model. He bought this old bike from his friend around years ago. And he said its already changed ownership from one person to another and finally he got it.

Honda C70

When I checked “Sipitung” for detail (this is a famous name for Honda C70 in my country), its looked like every item still in the right place. Starting from front fender to rear fender.

Honda C70

The machine is still in a good shape. You can look the carburator and air filter below; I think they are in a good maintenance. What a perfect old honda model!

Honda C70

I see a lot of “Sipitung” out there but they do a lot of make over to enhance the performance of its engine. But this guy still try to keep everything in it. Good luck to you bro!

Honda C70

I will see you again in near future with a new and fresh old honda motorcycle. Good luck!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Honda C-90

I have a new picture of Classic Honda manufactured year 1968. It was so cooled I can take this picture for you all. I asked the owner asking permission to take these photos and he pleased me. He told me that this Classic Honda motorcycle totally has been modified all over. You can see it below.

Honda passport motorcycle

He bought 2 new tires for another bikes at home. There is a room to put his stuffs at the back seat. The saddle has multi functions. The first function is for 2 riders and the other to put stuff there. Hmm… so cooled. Let see below…

honda passport motorcycle

You still want to see some more pictures? Okay let’s see more detail of this bike. You see this picture below… this guy is using Honda Grand’s carburetor so this bike has extra speed when traveling one to another spot.

honda passport motorcycleAnd he changed the piston from its original and using Suzuki Smash. This changing will affect the engine power of this Classic Honda.

It’s has not finished yet with all modification done so far. He also modified shock absorber from the original. Instead of one set shock absorber he changed it to two set of shock absorbers. Wow….

honda passport motorcycle

All rights…now what?

honda passport motorcycle

Take a look little closer, please! He modified his Classic Honda motorcycle saddle too!

honda passport motorcyclehonda passport motorcycle

The last one have been done to this Classic Honda motorcycle were changing 2 tires front and rear from the regular tires to trial tires.

He has done really nice job to this old bike. Congratulations!

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