Thursday, November 29, 2007

Honda C70 - Another Style

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Hi There!

Honda C70. I found another Honda C70 in my shop a few days ago. I talked to the owner for minutes and he wanted to fix some electrical problems for his Honda C-70 motorcycle. Well, I said to him it’s going to take time while he came to my shop in the late afternoon. It won’t finish in that day.

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Anyway, look at this Honda C-70! I think this Honda C70 still in good shape. Some changing has been made but it’s tolerable. He replaced regular velg with racing velg. It looks nicer.

Honda C70, Passport, Super CubHonda C70, Passport, Super Cub

I looked inside behind leg shield to see the carburetor and it seems he replaced it with Honda Grand carburetor. Well it’s normal here; in Indonesia people have problem to find original spare parts for Honda C70 Motorcycle.

Honda C70, Passport, Super Cub

Hmm, I knew for sure this rear absorber is also not the original one. But it’s okay as long as it works for this Honda C-70.

Okay guys, I promise I’ll come back with another new article about Honda C70 motorycle.

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Anonymous said...

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wong-cilik said...

mas, salam kenal sebelumnya...
mo tanya bengkel rujukan yg sip buat honda lawas dimana ya ?

wong-cilik said...

oh ya...posisi saya di jakarta barat

Pasifik said...

Maaf Mas, saya tidak tinggal di Jakarta. Tapi anda bisa search informasi di artikel saya sebelumnya dengan judul HORNET = Honda Riders on Internet. disitu informasi cukup lengkap. ada no telp yang bisa dipakai untuk rujukan motor lawas anda. akhir kata good luck