Tuesday, November 11, 2008

R5193FA|Part 1 & 2

Hi Friends,

I just have my own video about Honda C70 that has minor problem for its condensor and carburetor.

Just check out the video above! I hope you will like it.


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Monday, November 03, 2008

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spareparts Part 2

Honda Passport. This Honda C-70 spare parts part 2 is continuation of part 1. In case, you are still looking something for your Honda C70, may be you can find it here. Looking item for classic Honda must be willing spend more time while you live in modern world now. Some can get easily frustrated when they can't find what they want. Here I am, try to ease your pain....

Honda C70, passport, super cub, PUMP ASSY,OIL
Honda C70, passport, super cub, SPROCKET,GUIDE
Honda C70, passport, super cub, PISTON KIT
PISTON (0.25)
Honda C70, passport, super cub, PISTON (0.25)
Honda C70, passport, super cub, RING SET,PISTON
Honda C70, passport, super cub, COVER, CYLN. HEAD
Honda C70, passport, super cub, ADJUSTER,SR.CHAIN
Honda C70, passport, super cub, COLLER,17MM
Honda C70, passport, super cub, GASKET,CLUTCH OUT
Honda C70, passport, super cub, PLATE,D.SPRKT.
Honda C70, passport, super cub, DAMPER RR WHEEL
Honda C70, passport, super cub, PLUG,WELESS HOLE
Honda C70, passport, super cub, STUD B, CYLINDER
Honda C70, passport, super cub, ARM,VALVE ROCKER
Honda C70, passport, super cub, GASKET CRANK CASE

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Spareparts Part 1

Honda C-70. I know guys... It's really happen. when we have problems with our Honda C70, may be engine problems, electrical or even something 'easy fixed problem' and we try to replace with the new one. Another problem's coming....We can't find spare parts or it's hard to find it in our neighbor. This unwanted situation facing you. Here I give you alternative solution, may be make your life easier finding item you want for your Honda Passport. Have a look!

Honda C70, passport, super cub, ADJUSTER,SL.CHAIN
Honda C70, passport, super cub, CAP,CHAIN CASE
Honda C70, passport, super cub, WASHER, COVER
Honda C70, passport, super cub, NUT, REAR AXLE
Honda C70, passport, super cub, BOLT, ENGINE
(42701-GAC-971) RIM,RR.WHEEL
Honda C70, passport, super cub,(42701-GAC-971) RIM,RR.WHEEL
Honda C70, passport, super cub, BOLT, ENG.
Honda C70, passport, super cub, SPRING,BRK.PEDAL
Honda C70, passport, super cub, NUT,C.STEM
Honda C70, passport, super cub, AXLE RR WHEEL
Honda C70, passport, super cub, GASKET CYLN.HEAD
Honda C70, passport, super cub, RING SET,PISTON
Honda C70, passport, super cub, PIN, SEAT HINGE
Honda C70, passport, super cub, BAND B,EXHAUST
O RING, 4.50
Honda C70, passport, super cub, O RING, 4.50

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Honda C70 | G3516BF

Honda passport
Honda Passport. Hi, I am back! It’s been a while I have not updated my blog. I’m really sorry about that. It’s not because I’m lazy but merely hard to find Honda C70 around my town. But here we are I write a fresh article about Honda C-70 I found stop by in my shop. Enjoy it!

After looking, searching and waiting….finally I can take a picture of Honda C70 which parked in front of my shop of course with approval of the owner. This guy is seeking for a battery for his double starter Honda C-70 but this double starter was not working any longer. So I suggested to him that he can modify the battery using single starter to reduce the cost of battery price. And then he agreed it.

Honda passportHe needs the battery to support the electricity of his Honda C70 because all the lamps: head lamp, sign and stop lamps and the horn don’t work properly. The lamps are too weak especially when he must completely stop the bike in front of the traffic light.

He also mentioned to me that he already changed the electrical system from contact breaker assy (contact point set) to CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition). This changing make system ignition much easier to handle if it gets trouble.

Let’s talk about the Honda C70. When you see those pictures you can find a lot of modification has been done. He changed the exhaust muffler from the original to Honda Grand, two sides mirror have been replaced with Yamaha’s mirrors. When you take closer look to this Honda Passport you also see some modifications for its carburetor, this Honda Passport using Honda Grand’s carburetor. And he replaced the air filter with the modified one.

Honda passportHonda passportHonda passport

Surprisingly, after a detail and thoroughly check, I can assure you that this Honda C70’s engine is still running very good. You can see how clean the engine is. No dripping oil anywhere in the engine. Cool! If you go further with the rear shock absorber, you can see that this still original part but not for the saddle. He modified it.

Honda passportHonda passport

Last shot, look at the paint! I know that the paint still the original color that is why so fade in same parts of the body.

It’s up to you to place your opinion about this Honda C70!

Catch up with you soon with another Honda C-70 article!


Honda passportHonda passport

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