Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honda Motorcycles Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

By: Jerbob Johnson

Honda Motorcycle. Just above the roar of the sky scraping performance motorcycle you can hear the sound of someone screaming. You speculate if they are alright. Around the bend, they come into sight and you see the huge smile of the person realizing this wasn't screaming but a joyful laugh. They are riding a Honda. They got this big ole rocket between their legs and are hanging on for dear life. Honda has put into the place the benchmark for invigorating motorcycle performance. Honda motorcycles are rock-solid, well intended, and calculated for performance, steadfastness and ease. Not only are they fast but they are also eye candy. You just like looking at them.

The adventure begins when you turn on the key and throw your leg up and over the seat on the slick Honda Goldwing. The open road beckons you. Not only do you experience the excitement of a road trip but the Honda can also deliver a hang on to your britches ride. The engine performs flawlessly and the handling offers a relaxed riding on the open road. Everytime you sit on a Goldwing, you will be reminded of all the reasons you enjoy riding a motorcycle. Age is no longer a factor, whether you are young or old, the Honda will bring a satisfaction when riding a motorcycle.

What separates Honda motorcycle from the Suzuki's or Kawasaki or even Harleys? Honda is Johnny come lately to the market; they have been around a long time. They build just not motorcycles but Honda ATV's and quite a few other heavy industrial equipment. Their reputations for building top of the line motorcycles are second to none. Honda engineers do not sit on past accomplishment. What is the next level in motorcycle or ATV design? You can rest assure they are busily designing a better ATV. Whether you are looking for a dirt bike, ATV or an open road touring cycle, Honda has one that will be just what the doctor ordered.

Have you ever been to a Honda ATV auction? At these motorcycle auctions, you have the thrill of bidding on the bike of your choice, finding parts to rebuild your ATV, Honda ATV service manual links and much more. Can you imagine being able to decide what you want to pay get the excitement through an auction to do just that?

Sometimes our Honda breaks down. Sometimes we break our motorcycle or ATV. We all need part, tires, body, electrical and even decals to rebuild our Honda. Through an auction, you can locate the hard to find parts you need to fix your bike.

Some folks need to do the touchy feely thing before you buy any parts or Honda accessories. You can stop over to your local dealer. A word of caution: At the dealer you will probably pay a lot more. Buying today on the web can be just as safe as buying from the dealer. Just use common sense and follow the rules that payment provider have such as PayPal. Some auctions (not all) make available an easy way to finance the machine of your dreams.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Guide to Buying Your First Motorcycle

By Isla Campbell

Motorcycle. The thrill of riding a motorbike is a wonderful experience and unlike any other form of transport. If, like so many others, you are thinking of buying your first bike, a few simple steps can prevent you from buying something you'll just want to trade in after a few months.

Being the first owner of a new bike can be a privilege, but one that comes at a price. Bikes depreciate a lot quicker than cars, and this is especially true with new bikes, losing at least 15% of their value as soon as you've ridden it out of the showroom. If you're an inexperienced driver the drop in value in the first weeks is pretty high, significantly affecting the vehicle's resale price. If you do choose to buy new, make sure you intend to keep it for a while in order to minimise the effects of the initial loss.

Most dealers will carry a range of second hand bikes or trade-ins for sale. These won't be as cheap as the ones you can find from private sellers, but a reputable trader will ensure the bike isn't stolen, allow you to test ride it without arranging your own insurance and offer a warranty or service package.

Private sellers will be able to provide you with a bargain, but this requires more effort and vigilance. If possible, arrange to view bikes you are interested in the same day you see it advertised. Most people won't be able to view until the next day or even days later, giving you plenty of time to check the bike's history and negotiate a price.

If you have friends or family who are knowledgeable about motorbikes, take them with you to curb your enthusiasm when needed. If you don't, check if the bike is clean and tidy to gauge whether it's been looked after. Ask the seller to show you the bike and explain the controls to show you how familiar they are with the bike, a good indicator of how well they've taken care of it.

Once you're satisfied that the Motorcycle is in order, check the necessary paperwork, such as the MOT and V5 certificates, owner's manual and the service book. You should also obtain a receipt of the sale, in case the owner should attempt to report it stolen afterwards and carry out a HPI check, to ensure that the bike isn't subject to any outstanding finance arrangement.

Regardless of your current credit rating, there are several motorcycle providers who can help to arrange bike finance, making it easier than ever to get that bike of your dreams. If you do decide to arrange finance for your new motorcycle, make sure you afford the repayments, as making payments on time can help build or even repair a good credit rating.

So with summer only a few months away, follow the aforementioned steps in order to experience the road the way only riding a motorbike can.

Isla Campbell is an online, freelance journalist and avid traveler and pilates devotee. When not on the road she lives on the outskirts of Oban.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Honda Super Cub and 50cc Honda Cub - A Classic!

By: Daniel Levy

Honda Super Cub. A very clever design: the Honda Super Cub was the combination of a moped and a scooter. It attracted many people due to its friendly and non intimidating look. People who before had felt threatened by bigger motorcycles, approached and adopted this model very quickly.

It was a versatile motorcycle and had enough power to carry two passengers or a passenger with luggage. Its large diameter tires and wide seats made the ride almost as comfortable as the touring bikes from that time.

Honda 50cc Cub and Super Cub FACTS

" In 1952 Honda built 7000 units of this bike which represented the 70% of the entire production of Japanese motorcycles for that year.

" Thanks to this model Honda Motorcycles were absolute market leaders during 1953 and 1954.

It’s worth mentioning that those were very competitive days. There were many manufacturers competing for a very fast growing and demanding market.

" The Honda Super Cub was the equivalent of the Ford T or the Volkswagen Beetle for automobiles. As of 1992 Honda Motorcycles had built 20 million of these machines.

" The Honda 50cc Super Cub was exported to 120 countries.

As the Volkswagen Beetle, the Honda Super Cub didn't change much through time. Just take a look at the technical data below:

1959 Honda Super Cub Specifications

-> Four stroke horizontal engine.

-> 49 cc of displacement

-> Three speed semi-automatic gearbox.

-> U-shaped frame in stamped steel.

-> Weight: 155 lbs. (70 kg.)

-> Speed: 35 mph (57 kph)

1992 Honda Super Cub Specifications

-> Four stroke horizontal engine.

-> 49 cc of displacement

-> Three speed semi-automatic gearbox.

-> U-shaped frame in stamped steel.

-> Weight: 122 lbs. (55 kg.)

-> Speed: 50 mph (80 kph)

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