Thursday, January 15, 2009

Honda C70 | R4137EA

honda c70,honda passport,honda super cub,honda passport motorcycleHonda C70. This is not making any senses! Where you've been? Yes, I know. May be some of you, my reader, asked that question to me. Don't make any excuses, okay? Just admit it, you are lazy updating your blog, right? No...No...I've been so busy the past couple weeks! Okay, so what you have for your reader now...

Check this out...!

After waiting for long time, finally I found a Honda C70 stop by in my shop. This Honda C70 has a new paint. Well, I think that is cool! The owner has also changed the saddle cover with mix color. Look at the rear absorber, this is not the original spare part for Honda C-70.

honda c70,honda passport,honda super cub, honda passport motorcycleWhen you see on the right picture you will also notice that some parts of this Honda C70 also changed to another model. That is common in Indonesia, Most Honda C70's owner realized that it is difficult to find original spare part for Honda C70 in Indonesia.

That's why they do whatever it takes to maintain their Honda C-70 running. I don't know in other countries have similar issues with people here in Indonesia. I predict a lot Honda C70's owner around the world could not easily find the spare part they want. I do have one good online source for anything about Honda C70, just go Honda Motorcycle Sparepart. I hope you can find what you looking for.

honda c70,honda passport,honda super cubhonda c70,honda passport,honda super cub, honda passport motorcycle

Back to this picture above, the owner said to my mechanic that this Honda C70 has problem with its carburetor and condensor. Whenever to speed up this honda C70 it just won't go higher speed. So, my mechanic check the engine.

honda c70,honda passport,honda super cub, honda passport motorcycle

After a few hours, check and recheck, this Honda C70 ready to roll. The owner is satisfy. And we are happy too.

See you soon.

PS. I promise I will update my blog with more interesting pictures and article. So come back often.

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Baron's Life said...

You have a great blog here and I will be visiting often.
Good work and thanks for sharing your experiences with the riding community.

Donna said...

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Ravi Verma said...

Asia or Europe (specially in UK) there are fan of this bike. Honda C-70 do has an unique eye catching type, specially by eye catching tone. Engine modification truelly amazing combining New Honda Machine with old gear box. I'd be happy if you can provide details engine modification.

Ravi Verma

Anonymous said...

waah.. blognya pke bahasa inggris..
komennya juga.. :D

btw, blognya bagus, tambahin lagi beritanya yoo..



smithlara1 said...

Honda c-70 is a unique bike i like it and also ur blog
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andrew said...

Honda c70 great bike i have ride it.

LMC track

Anonymous said...

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USA Motorcycles said...

Honda C70 is good but now a days it its very hard to find Honda C70 Passport Parts.

If any one find please share it.

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