Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honda Passport Motorcycle

honda passport motorcycleHello guys,

Can’t you believe this Honda passport motorcycle picture? This is for real. Unbelievable, right? First, I’d like to apologize to the owner of this Honda passport. I promised to him to post this picture as soon as possible. You know, I broke my promise to him. But I make it today.

In case someone wants to contact him, he also gave me his cell phone number and his full name but then again, I lost it. I think he is the chairman of Banyumas Honda Club (BHC) or something like that. I’m not sure about this. But please, if anyone knows about he let me know. Thanks, bro!
honda passport
I think ever since I write article about Honda Passport in this blog, this Honda Passport picture is the coolest one I have ever had. Let's have a little tour to see all of these amazing Honda Passport Motorcycle on earth! These first 2 pictures are explaining the front side of this Honda C70. You can have a closer look to these pictures! All front side is still in good shape! The lights or may be headlights are in good condition. Two side mirrors are in place. You can also see the windshields over there, really cool!

If you look little closer to the license plate, you will see a creative way to express such numbers R 2222 HW as look as swans. Funny, isn't it? The owner of this Honda Passport is an artist, right?

See this picture here! Awesome! Some modifications have been done. Nice saddle, extra luggage; 2 in each side and 1 in the back. You can find front baggage too!

You can enjoy all Honda Passport Motorcycle pictures by visiting HERE. Or you may watch the video in you tube Honda Passport 1 and Honda Passport 2

honda passport


Lucy said...

hey, crazy pic. i think jezza from top gear had something similar. nice blog. thanks.

Fi said...

haha I think he did in the Vietnam episode. Good blog

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JDM Engines said...

That has to be about the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Kudos to that guy!

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