Saturday, June 28, 2008

Honda C70 - AD5217FC | Really Cool One!

Honda C70. I see this Honda C-70 come close to my shop. Two ladies are riding this Honda motorcycle. They are so happy and look like so proud of their bike. I admit it. I asked to one of them whether the engine is still original or using other Honda engines.

She admitted that the engine of this Honda C-70 is not original anymore she replaced it with Honda Supra's engine. Yes…. I knew it. Because I was thinking this Honda C-70's engine was difference with its original. So basically this Honda C70 does a lot of makeover in order to keep this Honda C-70 motorcycle keep running on the street.

Honda passport Motorcycle
Honda Super cub
It is very common here in Indonesia people who own Honda C70 do a lot of makeover to maintain their Honda C70 working as suppose to be. Because this Honda C-70 was manufactured first time around 1970’s so it is very difficult now to find spare part to replace the old ones.

Back to this picture, we see some parts of this Honda C-70 motorcycle still in its original. Like rear shock absorber, stop lamp and so on.

Honda passport Motorcycle
Honda passport Motorcycle
Also if we look little deeper we can see that this Honda C70 was repainting not long ago, because the paint is so shining. Back to the Honda C-70's engine…. As we can see here the engine looks like new too.

Honda passport Motorcycle
Overall this Honda C70 is still in good shape. The owner must be proud of it. See you in next article.

Honda passport Motorcycle
honda passport

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live your life. said...

haha its a little more complicated than that... but oh well im over it

amoker said...

I would have to go back to my hometown to get a photo of that. but i was a real gem. a worker who don't complain.

Anonymous said...

hey, Dude. Thanks for stopping by. Thought I'd check out your bikes and drool. My buddy had a BMW that he sold for a sizable profit. If he had a dime for every offer, he really could've retired in the laptop of luxury.....heh heh.

Sonia Kokkalos said...


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